One of my projects this summer is creating a vertical hydroponic garden for the school. I must admit, when I first mentioned the idea to my head of school, I didn’t expect for her to be so excited about it.

Well, a week after planting the seeds, I have so many sprouts!


More pictures to come!

What are your summer projects?


Side Hustle

Nearly all teachers need a side hustle.

Think about that.

While my summer is a little bit slower, I’m working on building my side hustle at Teachers Pay Teachers. I know many teachers upload their lesson plans, tests, etc to that site. I’m not looking to quit my job–just make an extra $50/month. I’ve got a few free downloads up and my first paid product. So, please go check them out!

For you teachers out there, where do you get your materials? If you teach science or math, what type of materials would you like to see? How much would you be willing to pay for an entire PBL bundle unit?

Summer Planning

There is one thing about teaching that is universally misunderstood by non-teachers: Summer is not exactly a vacation for us. While we me get to take a trip to the beach and stay in our PJs most days, we typically have a decent to-do list. Whether it is attending workshops, updating units, or redecorating the classroom, we keep busy.

This summer, I will be working on a few things.

  1. Revamping Curriculum: My school has a one-on-one model. I love it, but I also teach A LOT of different classes at once. Because I mostly teach science, I am creating PBL units for my science classes to help cut down on my planning time once the school year starts. Developing effective PBL takes time, which  happen to have a little bit more of in July and August.
  2. Building a hydroponic vertical garden: Yes, you heard me. I actually had the idea for the hydroponic garden before thinking about the focus of my curriculum for the upcoming year. As I’ve been mulling over ideas, I had the idea of focusing on food security. Luckily (and unsurprisingly), Zero Hunger is one of the Sustainable Development Goals. I’ll be able easily integrate the garden into all my curriculum!
  3. Passive Income: Yes, I will be spending time developing some products to generate passive income. Every little bit helps! Right now, I’m thinking about adding lesson plans to sites like Teachers Pay Teachers. Even if I’m only earning an extra $50 a month, that’s $50 I didn’t have.

So, teachers, what are you doing this summer? How are you preparing for the fall? What kinds of resources are you looking for to help you plan?